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Do You And Your Partner Struggle To Get Along?

Are you at an impasse in your relationship or marriage, and hoping that couples counseling will help you heal and reconnect? For instance, do you sometimes feel…

  • Ignored, misunderstood, or underappreciated?
  • Lonely, hopeless, or powerless to change things?
  • Emotionally stuck, unfulfilled, or invalidated?

Perhaps it’s impossible to have important conversations with your partner or spouse without them spiraling into arguments. Or maybe working, raising children, or just navigating life has all but killed the romance between you.

Relationship Issues Can Happen On Many Levels

Whether you’re married or in a committed relationship, even the happiest, healthiest couples can run into challenges. That means you don’t have to be in crisis in order to benefit from couples therapy. It could be that you and your partner simply feel disconnected, and neither of you is quite understanding why.

It’s as if life just somehow built a wall between you when you weren’t looking. 

Maybe changes in your body or appearance, as youth rudely fades into the distance, are affecting your self-image and creating intimacy issues. Or perhaps you are in the midst of a crisis—one borne out of trauma, an act of betrayal, or some other form of emotional wounding that threatens your relationship. 

Whatever you’re going through, working with a therapist can offer you the insight and tools needed to heal yourselves as individuals while repairing your relationship and growing as a couple.

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Most Couples Will Eventually Run Into Some Sort Of Challenges

Sharing our life with someone while always feeling heard, supported, and loved isn’t as easy as most rom-com B-movies would have you believe. Truthfully, even happy couples have trouble communicating and/or connecting. Eventually, everyone questions some aspect of their relationship.

couple with arms wrapped around each other smilingUnfortunately, we live in a society that generates a lot of unrealistic expectations for marriages and relationships. Television and movies create convincing fictional narratives of love that are effortless and fairytale-like. Social media sows self-doubt, disappointment, and a competitive need to keep up with the Joneses—even in our relational lives. 

Basically, we’re conditioned to believe that being in a relationship without conflict is the mark of perfection. But the truth is: relationships take work and sometimes partners don’t see eye-to-eye.

Why Do Many Of Us Fall Into These Ruts?

When you think about it, most people were never taught how to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships—not us, our parents, our educators, hardly anyone really. And given that the only relationship models we have to fall back on are those of our parents, it’s like we’re all just feeling around in the dark, doing the best we can not to walk into a wall. 

However, sometimes, we do run into walls in our relationships, and that’s why couples therapy can be so insightful. Teaming up with a couples counselor can shed some light on what’s really going on behind the scenes so you can learn to communicate, navigate conflict, and simply be at peace with each other.

Couples Counseling Can Heal And Deepen Your Relationship In Powerful Ways

When it comes to tackling problems in a relationship, friends and family are often the first stop for support. However, despite their noble intentions, the people that love us the most usually have natural biases that can compromise even the best advice.

Thankfully, working with a couples counselor gives you an impartial ally—an objective referee, per se, who can help you work through issues instead of arguing without resolution. It provides you with a safe, neutral space where you can fully express yourself, be heard, and discover what you need to be happier and more fulfilled. 

couple talking on couchPersonalized Therapy Sessions

Couples counseling sessions are tailored to your needs and equip you with skills and insight that can enable you to better communicate, overcome conflict, and empathize with each other. And as you work together, you’ll grow as individuals, restore your intimate connection, and become more like the couple you want to be.

To get to the root of what’s creating discord or tension, we’ll first want to sit down and discuss a few things: What are your primary concerns? When did these issues become a problem and what has been the impact? In what ways are you hoping counseling will help your marriage or relationship?

Once we get to the meat of what’s really going on, we can start creating a strategy for repairing your relationship and reconnecting with your partner. Some of the things we may work on could include:

  • Improving communication, rebuilding trust, and increasing intimacy
  • Creating a shared sense of empathy, respect, and compassion
  • Healing past relational wounds, such as betrayal, rejection, or abuse
  • Overcoming conflict without being defensive, critical, or resentful
  • Navigating the distractions of work, finances, parenting, and technology

Treatment Approaches for Couples Therapy

Because it’s important to create a treatment plan fitting for each couple’s situation, we draw from a range of tried-and-true therapeutic methods. Sometimes, that involves working on yourselves as individuals—how you see yourself, what makes you feel valued, and what dynamic you add to the relationship. Other times, it means repairing your relationship and reconciling incompatibilities. 

Whatever you are dealing with, couples counseling can help you heal and improve your relationship or marriage in numerous ways. Everything evolves—our minds, our bodies, the world in general—and certainly our relationships. The key to thriving is learning how to adapt to change. 

With the help of couples therapy, you can grow, heal, and navigate your relationships on every level with greater ease and confidence.

Perhaps You’re Considering Couples Counseling But Still Have Concerns…

I feel like seeing a marriage counselor is admitting we’ve failed as a couple.

If you’re reading this page, looking for answers and hope for the future, you most certainly have not failed your relationship. You’re actually demonstrating an incredible amount of care, courage, and resilience that we can build upon in sessions. So please don’t look at yourselves in any kind of negative way. You’ve already taken an important step in healing and restoring the connection you once had. 

Does couples counseling even work?

Of course! Merely working with someone who has no agenda other than helping you repair your relationship and feel better about your future can be immensely empowering. And it doesn’t take forever. The awareness and skills you gain from therapy can help you overcome future problems on your own, potentially safeguarding your relationships on every level.

Should I really invest in working with a couples therapist?

Think about it like this: therapy is a temporary investment in your overall well-being that can last a lifetime. Knowing yourself, how your partner works, and what you need to be happy is invaluable—and that’s what couples therapy can facilitate. Rather than just hoping things will get better on their own, you can make real changes that have an enduring impact on yourselves and your relationship.

It Is Possible To Have A More Fulfilling Relationship

If you’re tired of arguing, being hurt, or feeling disconnected in your relationship or marriage, couples counseling can open up possibilities. Please contact us if you would like to see how couples therapy may be able to help you heal and deepen the connection with your partner.